How to remember people’s name?

Do you have the experience of looking at a person you know you have met before, but just couldn’t remember the name? The worst thing is that person remember your name! You have to be really awkward and thick skin, asking “What’s your name again? Sorry, I forgot your name.”

I experienced it all the time.


How can we remember people’s name better? I found out a trick when I was crafting my speech.


The trick is to link people’s name to something you are familiar with and make it funny or memorable.


It sounds easy, but you need to keep practicing until it becomes your habit.


Let’s say you’re going to remember my name, Neow. How are you going to remember? Relate the name to something you know.


Some of you may know the movie, Matrix. You would know the main character is Neo if you watched it. Now you have linked my name that is something meaningless with something you are familiar with.


The challenging part is not everyone knows Matrix. I always need to talk to primary and secondary school students. They are way too young to know Matrix. How can I make sure they remember my name?


Funny stories!


Primary students always pronounce my name as Meow! I think they like cats.

If you change the “M” to “N”, how would you pronounce my name? Try to say it out.


I don’t like that pronunciation. There is a Chinese word that has exact same pronunciation as my name. As you may have guessed it, it is not good. The Chinese word is 尿, means pee. Who wants the name to be associated with pee?!


I am a teacher. Students always call me teacher Neow. That’s teacher pee! Some students even called me teacher Neow Neow. That means teacher peeing!


I bet you will never forget my name especially when you go into the toilet.


Linking names with something you know and create funny stories are very useful not just for you to remember people’s name, it is great to make people remember your name. Just like my case.



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  1. Interesting you talk about remembering people`s names, I`m terrible at remembering naames, been working at the same place 4 years now and from time to time especially in the evenings when I`m tired and my mind is getting blank, I struggle to remember names.
    Thanks for sharing.

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