How does Schrodinger’s Cat help in a relationship (especially confessing)?

First of all, you need to know the truth – I have never been in a relationship before.


I am not becoming an expert to give you relationship advice here. Throw it away if I ever give one to you.


I think Schrodinger’s Cat can help you in a relationship especially if you are deciding whether you want to confess. Please don’t expect Schrodinger’s cat to be a magic cat, ok?


I have to clarify this – Schrodinger’s cat is not a type of cat eg. Persian Cat or British Shorthair.

(I have a confession to make here as well, I don’t know cat types at all. The information is all coming from Google. Thanks, Google!)

Ok, enough of the cats’ pictures. Back to Schrodinger’s Cat.


What exactly is Schrodinger’s Cat?


It is a thought experiment. So the cat never exists, it only exists in Schrodinger’s mind. It is just like my girlfriend, only exist in my mind.


Imagine you put the cat into a box containing an explosive. This explosive has 50% chance to explode and 50% chance of doing nothing. The only way for you to know it is when you open the box.


When you open the box, the cat is either dead or alive. There is 50% chance that the cat is dead and 50% chance the cat is alive.


When you leave the box close, the cat can be both dead and alive. It is called Superposition in Quantum Mechanics.

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous. How can a cat be both dead and alive at the same time? How can knowing this helps me in confessing to the guy/girl you like?


I know you have a crush right now. But you want to know whether the person likes you back right? Sometimes you would pick up signs that the person likes you, but sometimes you think that you have made some fatal errors that the person would hate you forever.


This is called Superposition! You think the person likes and hates you at the same time.


How to get rid of this? Open the box to find out whether the cat is dead or alive. Or in other words, confess your feeling to find out he/she really like you.


Yes, your curiosity may kill the cat or in this case your feelings. But do you really want to stuck in Superposition stage forever til you can’t move on with your life?


I am sure you don’t want.


If you find out that he/she likes you, congratulations you have made it. So remember to share this blog with him/her.


If it is not a good ending, at least you have the bravery to do it and find out. I know it is not easy to move on. Now you can explore and open the other boxes instead of getting stuck in one box.


Unlike complicated Quantum Mechanics, he/she has already decided the choice regardless of whether you want to confess. It is up to you when you want to open the box to find out the answer.


Glenn Carstens-Peters


  1. Learning is one thing we can not do with, no body knows it all and that is why we all need to learn from each other.
    I love the introduction you gave at the beginning of this article and Down to the cat and the rest, one thing I so much love is your style of writing and the way it goes smoothly in educating us. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece

  2. wow. I never thought of it this way. I agree that we almost always put ourselves in the superposition. But I also think this is analyzing the feelings too much. It is supposed to be felt, rather than thought about. So I’d say just do whatever makes you more happy. Rather than think about how you feel for another person.

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