About Neow

I am an educator, teaching students how to learn more effectively.


Why do I name this “Think Like Me”?


I look at things very differently.


I can transform boring things that you need to learn into something interesting.


For example, I can relate Newton’s First Law with your sleeping pattern.


I know it sounds crazy and ridiculous, but it is also very interesting.


That’s why I want to breakdown my thinking process so that you can see how do I turn something boring into something interesting.


Is it easy to do it? Nope.


It takes time to practice. But before that, you need to identify the things you are interested.


I like to watch TV shows and movies. That’s why it inspires me to take some elements from TV shows and movies, bring it into my lesson planning.


That’s why I am still learning even though I am watching a movie.


In this blog, I will share with you my experience as a teacher, how do I plan my lesson.


I will choose a topic and relate it to something interesting so that it is more relevant to you.


I will even share the techniques I use to learn new things.


The key takeaway here is to learn as much as possible from here and personalise it yourself. You and I learn in a very different way.


You can also contact me via kereongn@gmail.com


I hope you will learn a lot and enjoy my blog.


PS: I just want to make the things we learn in school as relevant and fun as possible so I put it in a form of analogy for you to understand it better. That’s why so many different jokes and ideas can be created. That’s called creativity.


Warning: Please don’t take my writing too literally.